– Kath Ponsford

I’m trapped, trapped inside myself, I want to get out, get out and be free. I don’t want to live in my shell, But I’m scared, scared to take away my mask.

Friends are forever letting me down, No matter how close they are. They are there if I have a problem, But when I don’t I may as well not exist.

I want someone to trust and care about me, Someone to cry on and someone to listen. I want someone to love me for who I am, Not the masked me me whom everyone knows.

Unfortunately none of this can ever come true, Not from someone on this earth anyway. No one I know is perfect, No one I know can fulfil this.


Someone I know who is watching down on everyone of us. He has a special plane and a purpose for anyone who turns to Him. There will still be hardship and sorrow, But these will make you strong.

He can be trusted, he is ever so faithful. He cares deeply about each person on this earth. He can be cried upon, and will cry with you. He even puts each tear we cry in a bottle. He is the best listener anyone could be, And most of all He loves us for who we are, No matter what we have done.

“Who could do all this?” I hear you ask. It’s a very dear and special friend of mine called Jesus, With whom I can take away my mask and be free.