Three Things to Forget, and One to Remember:

Forget the number on the scale- It is only the number of how much gravity is holding you down. Forget about it, and gravity. You are not a number, you are not your jean size, this number does not define who you are.

Forget the negative comments- Everyone has heard them, no matter who you are, or what you look like there will be someone out there judging your body, and that is just is, they are judging a body, and not who you are. People are rude, mean, and inconsiderate. Block all the comments, they mean nothing, they do not define who you are.

Forget everything your body isn’t- Your body is amazing, it is capable of mind blowing things. Your body is strong, and can endure so much more than you know. Stop thinking about what your body isn’t, and accept and love what it is. It is a work of art, no matter what size and shape, whatever your body is, it is perfect. Your flaws do not define who you are.

Remember to relax and embrace happiness- You must make yourself happy without limiting yourself. That means going for another cookie when you want it, skipping the gym because your friends want to go out for the night with you. Do not limit your life just to change your body. What makes you happy, how you make life good for you, and the things you love to do, these define who you are.