I am here right now in my bedroom,
Sullen,weakened by my trials, and cascaded with pure gloom.
I’m grasping to hold my hope and faith,
For I fear that I’m running out of strength I could muster,surely confusion it would create.

Many times in my life did I feel deserted,
So often did I feel betrayed and defeated.
Now I forgot what and where the real happiness is,
For I think I’ve never been ready for such situation as this.

Really,solitude engulfs me;
I think it’s killing me softly.
I fear I am prepleted now with chagrin,
But I don’t know,I just can’t lost my faith in Him.

Because somehow I believe that He’ll comfort me,
Rescue me form this adamant adversity.
Lead me back to the right track,
Keep my feet on the ground and maybe someday,in His presence I’ll be back.