One at a Time

Where do we start? People tell me about their work, relationship, family, exams, etc., and how difficult it is to handle situations, emotions, and pressures. I too share my own ups and downs with my friends.

We never could provide each other answers, but we sure know that ultimately we will overcome them or rather we have to. It is indeed important to plan for the future but it is important to also understand that achievements take time. As one proverb goes “.. a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step..”.

I believe it is better to handle things at one’s own pace then to plunge into it. We just have to concentrate on the building pieces of our lives, one at a time. Go through adversities, one at a time. Solve our problems, one at a time. Go through life, one step at a time. Beautiful paintings that have taken their place in history were not painted in a day, in a week, or in a month. It took time. Each brushstroke was just a little foundation on which a masterpiece rested. Similarly our lives are also a function of many single strokes.

Let’s handle these strokes, one at a time.

Hari Senthil