Musings of An Old Man

Contributed by Cheurphil Renacido

I am old now.
But back in the days,
When I was young,
I had a wonderful time

I worked for a telephone company
They paid me four pesos every day
Because I did not go to high school,
I can’t find a better job

It was martial law at that time
And our work was in Mindanao
I was twenty- eight back then
I had to leave my family to feed them

When I got back to Manila,
I set up an upholstery business
I learned everything on my own
My customers included public officials

And now I am sixty-one years old
I drink alone, sometimes with friends
Liquor was not my thing back in the days
But now, I can do anything I want

That’s because my children are all grown up
The eldest is a manager of a big company
But my youngest is the blacksheep of the family,
A little troublemaker I have yet to break the horns

One afternoon, two strangers came to my door
They wanted to get a piece of furniture done
I had my drink and now I had good conversation
I offered the guy a drink, just two beers

It was raining and the shops were closed
I was in a bit of a drunken stupor so I spilled some beans
And that is why these lines are written by themselves
The musings of a man who has lived a full life

-and yet something’s missing.