Love and Peace at Home

The adversary is targeting families with a relentless barrage of attacks carefully calculated to destroy this most fundamental unit of society. He knows our weaknesses and which of his many sinister tools will be the most effective.

In addition, those are not generic attacks. Each home gets an individualized plan that takes into account each family member. Very insidious! How are we supposed to fight an invisible enemy?

This quote from Joseph F. Smith gives some great insight:

“There is too little religious devotion, love and fear of God, in the home; too much worldliness, selfishness, indifference and lack of reverence in the family, or these never would exist so abundantly on the outside.

Then, the home is what needs reforming.

Let love, and peace, and the Spirit of the Lord, kindness, charity, sacrifice for others, abound in your families.

When we turn to Jesus Christ, we have access to the best defense available!