Let Go, Let God

Let-go, Let-God

In the recovery moment, they have a saying “Let Go, and Let God” which does have some profound wisdom. Instead of believing we are 100% in control – it is often smarter to do what it is ours to do, and let it go. Divine, Source or Spirit can then help create a solution to whatever challenge we are facing. Ever have the experience where you didn’t know how something was going to get fixed? Or done? And then you prayed and somehow a miraculous solution presented itself.

Letting Go!

“Happiness means learning how to let-go. It may be letting go of a relationship that didn’t work, or career that isn’t panning out. Sometimes we find ourselves hanging on for dear life and when the truth is that it is only in the miracle of letting-go that things can change. I speak from experience. I have done the normal human dance of hanging on to something or someone so tight that we miss other opportunities for real happiness.

But with time, I have learned how to genuinely move through life with more ease. I take lessons from all of these caterpillars around that have to let-go of their hairy bodies to become the beautiful butterflies they are destined to become. Yes, it’s a little corny analogy but it’s true for me – and true for you.”

Maureen Healy

Caterpillar on green leafButterfly isolated on white