I Am

I surely am part of His ‘great plan’,
When He prepleted this world with woman and man.
I never know the purpose I am here,
Since then I’ve been wondering, yet until now it has never been clear.

I was born to care for myself, I believe,
Set a perfect goal that someday I would achieve.
Or just live my life and enjoy every minute of it,maybe;
Or let the nature and His will, how it is supposed to be.

I was really clueless what my purpose is,
Not until I found such a swell bliss.
I think I ought to surrender my life to Him,
So that He’ll keep me afloat in life’s stream.

I just couldn’t help myself praising the Lord,
For He surely deserves much more than any sweet word.
I really feel blessed whenever I have a problem,
Coz I know its His undying and glorious love’s emblem.

Whenever I look at the portrait of mine before,
I just can’t believe it the more.
I know now that now I am a contented person,
For I believe everything happens for a reason.