Holding The Vision

Greg Lynn Weaver

In 1992 I was living in New Jersey near the Delaware River. I was offering healing work and spiritual counseling, and had become close with a number of like minded individuals. We started to see that we shared a collective vision of our hearts, about living close to the Earth, growing our own food, raising our children naturally and serving the greater community.
So we began meeting in “visioning sessions”. We incorporated quiet meditation, dynamic discussion, laughter, and good food during each meeting. Over the course of several sessions a beautiful vision started to form: a large piece of land of several hundred acres, at a higher elevation with a beautiful view, lots of fresh water, farm land to grow our food organically, and a large building to host large groups of people. I wasn’t sure how we were going to do it or where – I just knew it was going to happen.
After a number of months of weekly sessions, we came to a strong, well formed vision. We then held it in our thoughts. My personal vision had been alive throughout my entire adult life, and at 43 years of age I was ready for the magic to happen. And it did!

Just a short while later, out of the blue, a phone call came to me from a past acquaintance. She said she just reached a decision to sell her property in the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York and was I interested in buying. Without hesitation I said, “YES!” It was 275 acres, on a small mountain, with a beautiful view, a 5 acre lake, with 90 acres of land ready to be farmed organically. Wow!
I quickly gathered our friends together and shared the good news with them, expecting everyone to jump up and down with joy. But the main reaction was one of shock and awe – like a bomb went off. To most the great news was more disturbing than inspiring. Careful what you vision for and be prepared to receive it because it will manifest!
After more discussions it became clear that I and just a few others were ready to accept the beautiful vision we called into our lives. So we went forth and worked out a deal to lease to purchase and then make a balloon payment at the end of three years to culminate the purchase. Everything was going quite well until we got closer and closer to the time of the balloon payment – $139,000. We could not find a bank willing to extend a mortgage to us. A friend knew the past president of the local bank who said that I would never get a loan from a bank around here.
However I did not give up. I was determined and convinced it would be accomplished in my favor. Just three days before the payment was due there was no clear possibilities – fear tried to arise, worry was knocking on the front door and disaster was pulling up outside.
Then I remembered a friend from New Jersey that once said he had a “spiritual uncle” who lived in the Finger Lakes. I made the call immediately, asked my friend who he knew and he said, “it was the past president of the local bank”, the very man who said I wouldn’t get a loan locally. My friend asked if it would help if he called his uncle and I said, “yes, yes indeed!” And that day with one more phone call papers began to be written up for a mortgage and within two days the balloon payment was satisfied!
Never give up on your dreams, never swerve from your vision, and trust the beauty of the image you hold in your heart and mind. I give thanks to all our visions that lead us to our own personal promised land!