Free Hugs

“Do you want a hug?” The young man asked Ginny. He held a sign in his hand, “Free Hugs.” I looked around. There were other people with him. They held their hand-made signs high. The message was the same on all of them – “Free Hugs!”

“Do you want a free hug?” The young man asked Ginny again.

“Sure!” Ginny smiled and walked up to him. She reached up, wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him down to her level, and hugged him with all the love she had in her heart.

They parted. “WOW!” He exclaimed. “That was the best hug I’ve had all day!”

“I’m a hugger.” Ginny smiled at him.

He looked at me. “How about a hug?”

“You got it!” I walked into his open arms. We held briefly and parted.

A young lady walked up and hugged Ginny. She turned to me, opened her arms, and hugged me too.

Ginny and I stepped back and watched the “Free Huggers” work their magic with those who accepted them. They offered hugs to anyone and everyone.