Don’t Yield to Satan’s Lie

“Don’t yield to Satan’s lie that you don’t have time to study the scriptures.  Choose to take time to study them.  Feasting on the word of God each day is more important than sleep, school, work, television shows, video games or social media.  You may need to reorganize your priorities to provide time for the study of the word of God.  If so, do it!” (See his entire talk here.)

Richard G. Scott

This morning I read 2 Nephi Chapter 28.  I always pray for inspiration and to help me concentrate and comprehend what I am about to read.  I chose this quote because I not only didn’t yield to Satan’s lie, but I understood this chapter.  As I was reading, the words in Nephi came out of my mouth so powerful and clear.  I understood!  I love this chapter.  I encourage everyone to read every day, if not a chapter, a verse of the scriptures will help you stay close to the Lord.  As my eyes tear up, I can feel Jesus’ love for me and it feels good.

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