Do Not Forget

by: Michael Steckel Fairbanks

With the work I do I use mathematics a bit. When I moved I lost my calculator so I had to purchase a new one. I bought a model that I thought could handle the calculations that I needed to do. This calculator has direct algebra input. This means that one can enter an algebra problem into the calculator as it appears on the page and it immediately gives the answer. I remember when I was in school we did not have these tools. We did have calculators, but not this fancy. We had to write out our answers. I have noticed in places I have worked that many of the people could enter the numbers and get the answer but they really had no idea what the numbers meant or how the answer was derived. In this it seems that the understanding is being lost.

This is very much like repeating the Lord’s Prayer without thinking what it means. Every week at service we say the Lord’s Prayer. Every Thursday at the services I conduct we say the Lord’s Prayer. Every night before we go to sleep, my wife and I say the Lord’s Prayer with our son. With saying the Prayer so many times, I work on not just saying the words but instead believing the words and putting my trust in the words. It can get so easy to just go through the motions but never understand what those motions mean. We must not take the Prayer for granted but we must put into action within our life what the prayer means.