Believe and Succeed

Bob Proctor

You will agree, I am sure, that all thinking people have a sincere desire to succeed.
You want to win; I want to win. No one sets out to deliberately destroy themselves – although I must admit, at times it certainly appears as if some people do.
If everyone wants to win – why don’t they? There are probably many answers to that question. After talking with hundreds of people who do not seem to be able to make it happen, I have come to the conclusion that the answer to success is locked up in a seven letter word – “Believe.”
Losers do not believe they can win. Why don’t they believe? I think there is an answer to that question and I’ll get to it in a moment. If you are having difficulty making something big happen in your life, listen closely.

All the great religious leaders, philosophers and self-help gurus have told us to believe and succeed. “All things are possible for those who believe.”
William James said, “Believe and your belief will create the fact.”
I have found that our belief system is based on our evaluation of something. Frequently when we re-evaluate a situation our belief about that situation will change.

Half of my life was wasted. I never even tried to accomplish anything of any importance because I did not believe in myself. The truth was I knew very little about me. Many years ago I was encouraged to begin studying myself, re-evaluate myself. I began to gain an understanding of my marvelous mind. Everyday I learned a little more and I suddenly began to believe in myself.
Today I have a number of companies around the world earning millions of dollars. We have a very successful year long coaching program… We teach people the laws of their mind. Long before the year’s program is over we see marvelous things happen from more money to great loving relationships.
Re-evaluate yourself. There is a sleeping giant in you. Release it.
Believe in yourself.