An Angel

by Sarah Lionberger

I started out an angel
The one you couldn’t hate
Then the angel turned mortal
And made a few mistakes
I soon could not be trusted
Or so my loved ones thought
They do not understand
The pain and suffering they’ve brought
Little do they know
Of the ones I’ve learned to love
Who do not see the mask I wear
When I am truly hurt at heart
They give me the strength and courage
To make it through the day
And face what problems might conspire
If I’m not the angel so many have come to desire

This angel is sick of the disguise
And wants everyone to know
That she is not all that wise
For this angel is also human
And is allowed some mistakes
But should not be cast down
For the problems that she makes
For you see with every problem comes a solution
And with every solution a lesson to be learned
That whoever you are
And whatever you do
You are only expected to be you