Rainbow Shines

Life is full of surprises and even disappointment,
We sometimes fall into our own entrapment.
We’re being blinded and turned down by all of these trials and usually fall into resentment.
But barely did we realize that it is for our own sake and miraculously creates ‘refinement’.

Though it is true that life really is awful and quite unbearable,
Sometimes it’s really adamant to manage a life that is miserable.
But we shouldn’t neglect to be thankful to Him who surely knows it all.
And we should strive hard to long for His presence and continually be faithful.

Though no one can say that life could be easy,
We should also not mistake it as an enemy.
Instead we should treat it with meek heart to Him and real sincerity.
For if we would just believe in Him,our lives would be happy till eternity.

So whatever might happen in our life’s pilgrimage,
Let’s just be sure that we don’t lose our hope and try to be free form our own rage’s cage.
For surely despite the typhoons of our lives the rainbow will shine.
He makes sure it shines brightly and everything will be fine.


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