I never had the so called ‘friends’ back then,
Maybe its because I was never talented and looked like a timid hen.
Whenever our teacher asks for someone to recite,
I was always nervous and tremulous with fright,
Though she was trying to be polite.
Some children of my age didn’t noticed me,
I was never likable nor attractive, you see.

I could still remember that someone would just approach me suddenly,
Then back off and leave me alone whenever he pleases to be.
That’s what bothers me now,
That I never got to have ‘friends’ and mingle with them somehow.
I pity myself for not being approachable,
For I am suffering the consequences, and regret them all.
But I just can never bring back the time,
And just blame myself for commiting such ‘crime’.
That’s why how I wish it’s not yet too late,
For me to change, and to be better mate.


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