How To Increase Your Inner Peace

Vernon Howard
From Psycho-Pictography

I want to give you a tested technique for gradually and surely increasing your inner peace. It works for you regardless of the noise and confusion that may surround your day.
You will detach yourself as a mental participant in these noisy events. You will observe them, be aware of them, but will not involve yourself mentally or emotionally. Perhaps you ask, “But can this really be done? It sounds impossible to separate myself from the constant clatter around me.” I assure you that it can be done by you.
You see, your True Self is detached from everything on the outside. It has awareness of exterior conditions but does not get emotionally upset by them. You have a True Self at this very moment. At the very instant of reading these lines you are capable of mental detachment from all exterior problems.
Be a calm beholder of life. Mentally detach yourself. Stand back and quietly observe everything that happens to you and around you. Do not resist it; merely observe. Do not try to change or improve or destroy it, merely be aware. See yourself as someone apart, which, in truth, you are.
You need not fear that this detachment loses your control of things. It does not harm your daily tasks. They will go on as before. It may surprise you to find them proceeding as before, even improved. Mental detachment is, in fact, a higher form of control.
This kind of detachment is not retreat from reality; it is a healthy perception of it.

Stand apart and behold your life. It detaches you from trouble. You don’t suffer from that ill-tempered person; you don’t get depressed over that tragic event; you don’t pay the price for that form of mankind’s madness. You are free.


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